Contest Entry Form
for use by Sales Staff at Kiosks
Currently, your odds of winning are 1 in 20!

When we get 20 names, 1 is randomly selected as a winner.  Everytime we get 20 more names, another name is randomly selected from that group of 20 as the next winner.   

Winners get to choose any one of the following 3 prizes:

a) The Antenna Prize:    $150 off an Antenna Installation (for fully detached, semi and row units), or $125 off an Antenna Installation for an Apartment making it completely free. 

b) The Internet-TV Prize:  Waive deposit on any Internet-TV box (save $100), and get 2 months box rental ($40 value) , and $40 deposited into your Paypal or Skrill Account (we can set that up for you) to cover a subscription of your choice.    This is a $180 value in total!

c) The VOIP Phone Service Prize:  Waive deposit on the VOIP ATA box (save $50), and get 6 months free VOIP Phone service ($90 value).   This is a $140 value in total!


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Notes:  There are no strings attached with this contest.  There is no obligation to purchase anything or put in any money.  There is no obligation to enter a long-term contract of any kind.     Prize winners will be informed by email and phone and have 90 days after that to claim their prize.  (Note we are very busy signing new clients currently so we are running behind in actually processing contest entry forms, but don't fret, if you enter the contest, you have your fair chance to win. If you have already bought service for the prize you select, we will refund you the value of your prize).   By entering this contest and providing contact details you consent to being contacted by phone by a representative from who will explain the products and services we offer. We only want to do this once. You will not be put on any repeating call list and no automatic dialer or robo-voice will be involved.  You also consent to receive periodic promotional emails from  You can easily and permanently remove yourself from the email list by clicking the unsubscribe button on any such email you receive.  By entering this contest, you consent that if you become a contest winner, limited information about you can be shown on this website to the public for up to 180 days.   In particular, this information will be limited to your first name and the leading initial of your last name, plus your street (but not street number) and neighbourhood and city and the prize you chose.  This is deliberately obscure to preserve the essential privacy of contest winners, while demonstrating the legitimacy of the contest operation to the public. If there are special circumstances and as a contest winner you need complete anonymity we will accomodate this.   Note that staff and sales associates of and their immediate family who live in the same household with them are excluded from this contest.  Members of the same household are permitted to enter this contest only once.  
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