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Current Coverage Map for our ISP_RF5GHZ wireless Internet Access Service:
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Service is available in the light green areas.  Note these areas are generally to the south and west of Ottawa. 
We mount an antenna as shown below on your roof or another high point on your property.  We require a clear line-of-sight to our transmitter tower, so elevation is essential.  Ranges up to 20 km are achievable.  The service speed and details of where the antenna will be mounted are determined during a site visit by our technician.
Monthly Billing Prices are subject to taxes, specfically HST in Ontario.    

** Installation Fees start at $250 for a basic install.  Technicians will determine the best installation option at the time of the site survey.  If additional height is required to get a good signal strength, then additional tower charges will apply.    

*** If usage exceeds the "Usage Limit", then the excess is charged at $0.40 per Gigabyte for the next 250 Gigabytes. Beyond that, the excess is charged at $0.25 per Gigabyte.
Pricing for ISP_RF5GHZ Packages: