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We will install the necessary antenna(s) (usually one, but sometimes it takes two) in your attic to capture the available local channels.  The cost is $250 for installs in homes, semi-detached homes and row units.

In an apartment we charge only

This covers all equipment, installation, and TV set-up.

We provide a 6 month no hassle warranty on all parts and installation.  If there is a problem, let us know and we will fix it , or replace anything defective, or give you your money back.

It doesn't matter if it takes 1 or  2 antennas, highly directional or omni, the price is the same.

We will ensure the digital signal goes to all the cable outlets in your home,  so any modern TV connected to those outlets will get all the "over-the-air" channels. 

We will also run the setup on all your modern TVs  so they all get these "over-the-air" channels, and ignore any channels with nothing on them.

The over-the-air signals are available in every room where you have a cable outlet.  Just connect a modern TV to any cable outlet and you will get up to 14 channels perfectly.

You can watch a different channel on each TV at the same time if you wish.   No special converter boxes are needed for each TV.   Your existing TV remote controls for each TV will work as intended.  This can simplify your life, having fewer remotes means fewer things to lose.

The antenna package is the perfect compliment to our Internet-TV boxes because the antenna gets the over-the-air TV covering the local channels, while the internet TV box lets you view American Channels or specialty channels, and on-demand content.   Many TV stations now provide the on-demand versions of recent episodes of popular television shows.  

Using antennas with internet-TV  means you have the best of both worlds, a top quality feed of  live local content that works on multiple TVs in your home with no monthly fees, along with Streaming TV and On-Demand content from local stations and around the world through your Internet-TV box.

We provide all necessary mounting hardware.   We provide the necessary antennas, radio amplifiers, mixers, power adapters, grounding blocks, coaxial connectors, coax cables and coax amplifiers to run it to your cable splitter in the basement.   It doesn't matter what it takes to make it all work in your home, we provide it, and the cost to you is the same.

We will ensure the signal level is correct for the number of cable outlets in your home for up to 4 outlets.   If you need service up to 8 outlets, an extra $50 fee applies. 

Installing the attic antenna usually takes 1 to 2 hours. 

The Antenna Packages
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1)  The digital antenna signal will only be decoded by modern TVs that accept digital over-the-air signals. Any flat screen TV purchased in Canada in the last 5 years will work. 

2) There are 14 digital over-the-air signals available in Ottawa.   In most locations we can get 12 to 14 of them. 

Before we install anything, we use a test antenna to determine what is available in your home, and you can sign-off on that before any further work is done.   If you are not satisfied with the selection, there is no charge and the installation can be abandoned.

3) Most people who choose to use an antenna do so to save money by cancelling their Cable-TV subscription or Bell-Fibe TV subscription, or Bell Expressvu Satellite TV subscription.. Please note you are allowed to keep your Internet connection from Bell or Rogers if you wish and still cancel or move the other services you get from them.    On the other hand, we can also provide you with Internet Access Service if you wish.

4)  If you are using a cable modem, or cable phone modem we ensure it is not affected by the digital TV signals from the antenna we install. 

5)  In homes with more than 4 coax outlets being driven,  it is typical to already have a coax amplifier in the wiring area left-over from the prior installation carrying Cable-TV signals..  If not, one will be provided at an additional charge of $50.

6)   The Attic Antenna Package is suitable for homes with non-metal roofs.   If your home has a metal roof, an exterior antenna is required.  This is also available at an increased charge.

7)  The Apartment Antenna Package for apartments (and condos) is cheaper because an indoor antenna  is typically used.   However, if a balcony is available a discrete antenna is mounted outside.  Because residents in apartments are prohibited from drilling through walls to pull coax cables, we mount all cables as discretely as possible external to the walls.  No damage to walls or baseboards is done.

8) Depending on the orientation of your apartment and its height, you may get great reception of lots of channels or few.   We quickly test your reception with no obligation and no cost before doing any further work.
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