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The TVIXN Box supports a growing list of plugins (called Channels), one of which is an  IPTV client suitable for accessing paid IPTV content from Offshore Content Providers, such as IPG. 

There are about 90 plugins currently and more are added monthly.

Other plugins include a NETFLIX client, a HULUplus client, a YOUTUBE client, a FACEBOOK client, and many others which provide access to free movies and some free streaming TV channels. (They are free in the sense they do not require a subscription). However for free content, the channel quality tends to be low, with halting video, and the On-Demand content is often not available.

Many people subscribe to an Offshore Content Provider, such as IPG, or one of the others to get improved video quality and instant operation with no waiting.   Each provider has  a different focus.  For example IPG includes a large selection of International Channels, covering different languages.  They also have a very large selection of English channels.  Click here for a recent list of their channels. .

Note is not affiliated with IPG in any way.  If customers wish to subscribe to it, they do so directly.
This package includes the TVIXN Box, the remote control, 2 "AAA" batteries for the remote, a power adapter, the AV cables to connect to an old-style TV, and an HDMI cable to connect to a modern TV.
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AV Cables
Ethernet Cable
Power Adapter
HDMI Cable

The TVIXN box comes with a remote control.  Normally you sit it next to your TV, in a position where you can aim at it with the remote.

The TVIXN box connects the Internet to your TV.

Most modern TVs have an HDMI connector, so you use the HDMI cable to connect the box to the TV.   This gives the best quality picture.  If your TV is older, you can use the Composite A/V cable to drive the TV.

Connecting to the Internet is easy.  The ideal solution is to connect the box to the internet using an Ethernet cable, direct to the router.  This works fine if the router is close by.   If not, the box includes WiFi so it can connect to your WiFi home network.

If this sounds a bit compicated, you can relax, becase our Field Technicians are happy to visit your home and make it all work, at no extra charge.

A Few Plugins Available on the TVIXN Box
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