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If you have Internet in your home, you can switch to VOIP Phone service with our help, and start saving today.

You can keep your current phone number or get a new one, all for free.

We handle all the details to make the switch painless. 

We configure and deliver the ATA Phone adapter. It connects your basestation phone (or all the analog phones in your home) to your internet router.

We even wire the ATA into your household phone network when necessary.

We take care of any problems, and we provide  support in case you have questions or concerns. 

You can have all this for just
$15 per month, with a $50 Smart-Deposit.

There is no contract, so you can cancel service anytime.    If you decide you like the phone number, you can keep it, even if you quit being served by us. You can take it with you to your new phone service provider.

VOIP Telephone Service
Our VOIP Service includes all the following services...

Voicemail Box      
Voicemail forwarding to Email
Caller ID                 
Call Waiting             
Call Forwarding     
3-Way Calling          
Call Return          
Call Hunt         
Do not Disturb       
Detailed Records available in web browser 
911 Dialing
and many many more.

In addition, this  package includes free long
distance to Canada and the USA.  

Long distance bundles are also available for overseas
areas, such as the Europe Package covering 28
countries for $5 per month, and so on.

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